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NOV 15, 2022

Earn 10% Back in Crypto Rewards at the Pump (and the Plug) With the Gemini Credit Card!


We recognize that the past week has been a difficult one for the crypto industry, our hearts go out to all those impacted. Gemini is a full-reserve exchange and custodian. This means that all customer funds (fiat and crypto), including Gemini Credit Card rewards, held on Gemini are held 1-to-1 and are available for withdrawal at any time. Here’s more from our founders.

Today, we are excited to add a brand-new rewards category for gasoline and electric vehicle (EV) charging purchases, just in time to ease the pain of record high inflation and the cash crunch at the pump and plug.

Earn 10% back in crypto on your gas and EV charging for a year with the Gemini Credit Card (on up to $200 in purchases each month)*!

As a crypto platform, we build products that inspire investors to explore the crypto ecosystem, and we are thrilled to offer an upgrade to our Gemini Credit Card rewards structure to get you pumped about crypto just in time for your holiday travels.

Apply for the Gemini Credit Card today!

Once approved for the card, you’ll earn 10% crypto back on gas (on up to $200 in purchases each month) for a year*, 3% crypto back on dining, 2% crypto back on groceries, and 1% crypto back on all other purchases, with rewards automatically deposited into your Gemini account.

The Gemini Credit Card is accepted wherever Mastercard is accepted, and you can choose to receive rewards in any of the 60+ cryptos we currently support for rewards, including bitcoin, ether, dogecoin, and Gemini dollar, our stablecoin. You can also switch reward types at any time.

The Gemini Mastercard, issued by WebBank, offers a rewards credit card that combines the innovation and opportunity of crypto with industry-leading protections and benefits. If you have additional questions about the Gemini Credit Card, we invite you to visit our FAQ page here.

At Gemini, we are dedicated to delighting our customers with innovative products that make crypto compelling and approachable. At its core, the Gemini Credit Card is a simple, secure, and engaging way to seamlessly explore the crypto ecosystem.

We will continue to level-up the Gemini Credit Card as we build the future of finance and unlock the next era of financial, creative, and personal freedom.

Onward and Upward!

Team Gemini

*The 10% crypto back rewards category is available on up to $200 in spend a month on Gas at the Pump and EV (then 1% on all other Gas and EV) and on up to $2400 in spend over the Promotional Period (then 1% on all other Gas and EV). The spend cycle will refresh on the 1st of each calendar month. Unused spend will not carry over to the following month. Gas station purchases, other than gasoline, are ineligible. Eligible purchases will be allotted during the calendar month in which the purchase posts to the account. This rewards category is a Limited Time Offer for new and existing cardholders approved on or prior to January 15, 2023. The Promotional Period begins during the calendar month you are approved (or in the case of existing cardholders as of the offer launch, during November 2022) and lasts for the following 12 calendar months.


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